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Bringing YL Lifestyle Products including our Essential Oil infused CBD

and Education to a Store Front

Come see in person what Young Living Essential Oils and Products look like and discover how you can incorporate these into you and your family's life. You can improve the quality of your physical and emotional health by using

these oils from the WORLD LEADER in ESSENTIAL OILS!

Young Living just added Natures Ultra CBD to the list of Plant Based Wellness Products available. Natures Ultra products come from a farm in Colorado. Natures Ultra is the first Hemp Farm to get the USDA Organic Certification and the USDA Organic Handler's Certification.

YOUNG LIVING takes the stewardship of our planet seriously."Our state-of-the-art production standards bring you the purest oils on Earth."  It's called SEED TO SEAL. www.seedtoseal.com

In addition to showcasing YL essential oils, supplements and products, Scentimental Wellness offers aromatherapy accessories, books, DIY supplies and wellness classes regularly. 

You can book sessions for AromaDome, Therapeutic Massage, Raindrop Technique Massage and Reiki. We will be adding Reflexology later.

AromaDome. What is it? "It's a way to swaddle yourself with oils without wasting any... It's like getting ." a therapeutic amount of oils in a gentle way." We all live in a fast paced world that can get overwhelming and self care is important. Make time to learn how you can relax and de-stress naturally when possible. At Scentimental Wellness you can schedule a session in the Aroma Dome that can help you in your struggle with a physical or emotional issue you are having. Some people call it the Abundance Chamber. Our breath is our life, BREATHE!

We all know about massages but when you incorporate the world's best oils YL essential oils then you are taking your massage to the next level. 

Massage takes on a higher dimension when you incorporate Young Living Essential Oils into the practice. We are excited to be able to offer Massages from an Amazing Practitioner on Wednesdays and Fridays by appointment.

Raindrop  Technique combines the artistry of aromatherapy with the massage. The Raindrop Technique is a method of using a combination of reflexology, aromatherapy, massage techniques,  and essential oils applied on your spine and on the feet.

Reiki:  Universal Life Force Energy - you have it, I have it, every living thing has it.  As we live our lives and interact in this world, especially in this modern world, our life force energy flow can get blocked, interrupted, limited, unbalanced, excessive and more. Reiki treatments restore the flow of life force energy.  This affects your many "bodies" including your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  Reiki is a natural, loving way to heal you on many levels.


Vitamins and minerals are two of the foundations of a healthy diet. However, diet alone doesn't always provide sufficient amounts of these important nutrients. Our convenient multivitamin supplement solutions feature bioavailable food-sourced vitamins and minerals that contain an infusion of powerful essential oils to give you the support you need.

Why choose Young Living Supplements? These supplements are infused with Young Living Essential Oils and your body knows what to do with the oils versus synthetic products. Therefore, you absorb more of the supplement and faster than over the counter supplements. Quality matters and that is what Young Living is all about. 


You love your furry family members and so does Young Living.  Give your four-legged friends shampoo, essential oils and other products designed especially for them.

Come by the store and I will show you how how to make a Doggy Dry Shampoo with only 3 ingredients.

We have Doggy Be Good CBD treats. 


Here at Scentimental Wellness we promote only one brand of essential oils. Young Living Essential Oils!!!  With 25 years of research and experience, Young Living has perfected the proprietary Seed to Seal quality commitment to ensure that their essential oils are the most pure and authentic available.  This dedication to excellence is what makes YL oils stand out from the rest and what makes a noticeable quality difference you can experience with every bottle. You can get your essential oils for retail at this store or we can discuss how you can become qualified to get them at wholesale cost by becoming a member of Young Living. 


Solution to Quality: Nature's Ultra Products

Natures Ultra CBD comes from a Hemp farm in Colorado.

*It is Seed to Seal Verified.

*C02 Extracted 99% CBD  Isolate

*Infused with 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil from YL

*0.00% THC - 3rd Party Verified

*No Heavy Metals - 3rd Party Verified

*No Solvents - 3rd Party Verified

Natures Ultra has one of the first hemp farms in the United States to hold both a USDA organic certification and USDA organic handler's certification.

You can buy it retail here or I can show you how to get it wholesale.


10:00 AM - 8:00 PM

    Please Call for appointments            (Massage, Reiki, Raindrop)



5200 McDermott Rd, Suite 135, Plano, TX 75024