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We accept cash, all cards and Apple and Google pay via the SQUARE.


We will accept any product the is returned for 7 days after the purchase date, and IF the items seal was not broken and/or not used. Receipt is REQUIRED.

What is AromaDome?

AromaDome. What is it? "It's a way to swaddle yourself with oils without wasting any... It's like getting ." a therapeutic amount of oils in a gentle way." We all live in a fast paced world that can get overwhelming and self care is important. Make time to learn how you can relax and de-stress naturally when possible. At Scentimental Wellness you can schedule a session in the Aroma Dome that can help you in your struggle with a physical or emotional issue you are having. Some people call it the Abundance Chamber. Our breath is our life, BREATHE!

What is Reiki?

Reiki:  Universal Life Force Energy - you have it, I have it, every living thing has it.  As we live our lives and interact in this world, especially in this modern world, our life force energy flow can get blocked, interrupted, limited, unbalanced, excessive and more. Reiki treatments restore the flow of life force energy.  This affects your many "bodies" including your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  Reiki is a natural, loving way to heal you on many levels.

What type Massage?

Massage takes on a higher dimension when you incorporate Young Living Essential Oils into the practice. We are excited to be able to offer Massages from an Amazing Practitioner on Wednesdays and Fridays by appointment.

Raindrop  Technique combines the artistry of aromatherapy with the massage. The Raindrop Technique is a method of using a combination of reflexology, aromatherapy, massage techniques,  and essential oils applied on your spine and on the feet.

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