Honey Well

by Aug 26, 2021Uncategorized

We’ve all probably heard honey helps support your immune system, right? Did you know that it is also important to choose honey that comes from as local as possible? Scentimental Wellness has honey from C&J Farms in Corsicana, TX. It is raw, unfiltered and food infused.

We have their Texas Raw, Lavender, Cinnamon (cinnamon stick in each jar), Lemon, Chocolate, Pecan (yes pecans included), Jalapeno, Vanilla Bean (vanilla bean included), Elderberry, and Peach honey with pieces of peach and lemon juice). Come check it out and see which one is your favorite. We have sample straws for 50 cents each. You can add these to your tea, bread, recipes or take by the spoonful when you start to feel a sore throat.