Superman slap bracelet plus oils to the rescue!

by Mar 21, 2019Uncategorized

Wouldn’t you love for your kids to have access to the wonderful benefits of Young Living essential oils even when they are not with you? Now you can! You probably don’t want to send a whole bottle of the precious oils with them but you can put a few drops on the felt pad in an diffuser bracelet or necklace that they can access anytime they feel the need. It’s a wonderful way to give your child a boost when needed. No one knows your child’s current needs better than you. There’s plenty of choices like Valor for confidence, Thieves for immune support, Peppermint for memory, Stress Away for what the name says, Lemon because they like it, etc…

You can pick out children’s and adult diffuser jewelry at Scentimental Wellness, 5209 McDermott, Suite 135, Plano, TX. 75024