Vitality Oils in your foods = Vitality to Health

by Apr 25, 2019Uncategorized

Did you know that Young Living Essential Oils have a line of oils called “Vitality Dietary Essential Oils”? You can easily identify the dietary oils by the WHITE labels. They are

Non-GMO Certified.

It can be as simple as adding a few drops of a citrus oil to your water (always in a glass or stainless steel container). It makes the water more palatable and gives you the amazing constituent limonene. You can look up the health benefits of that on Scentimental wellness has several cookbooks that show how easy it is to incorporate the oils in your foods. Essential Oils are super concentrated so it takes a lot less than the dried herbs or whole fruits. For example, it takes approx 75 lemons to produce a 15 milliliter bottle of Lemon essential oil. The oil comes from cold pressing the rind.